( 15-20 pcs ) CLEARANCE! Pallets – Pcs – Vacuums, Luggage, Fans, Patio – Customer Returns – Hoover, SHOWKOO, Dreo, Keter

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Don’t miss out on our incredible clearance sale! We have 3 pallets filled with pieces of vacuums, luggage, fans, and patio items from renowned brands like Hoover, SHOWKOO, Dreo, and Keter. These items are customer returns and are sold in untested condition. With a 75% plug and play success rate, you can expect great value for your money. Please note that the manifest provided is a close guide and may have some variance. The packaging may be new, opened, distressed, or missing. Warranties are not valid, and the cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed. Visit Liquidation Pallets Near Me now and seize the opportunity to score unbeatable deals on pallets for sale!


Clearance Sale: Pallets of Vacuums, Luggage, Fans, and Patio Items from Top Brands

Amazon Liquidation Pallets for Sale: Unbeatable Deals on Customer Returns

Discover incredible savings with our clearance sale! Get pallets consisting of  pieces of vacuums, luggage, fans, and patio items from well-known brands like Hoover, SHOWKOO, Dreo, and Keter. These items are customer returns, sold in untested condition.

Untested Customer Returns: Great Value with Plug and Play Success

The inventory in untested condition means that these products have been sold to end-users and returned through various channels. No testing or repairs have been attempted in our facilities. Typically, untested customer returns have a 75% plug and play success rate, meaning that most likely, 75% of the products will be in working order. Please note that this is an estimate based on our experience with this type of inventory, and it’s not a guarantee of functionality.

Manifest Variance and Packaging

The manifest provided is a representation of the overall contents of the pallets but may not be 100% accurate. It should be used as a close guide. Variance in the contents is expected. We strive to provide the most accurate manifest possible but will not credit for missing or mismatched items, as the products are sold “AS IS”. The packaging may vary and could be new, opened, distressed, or missing.

No Warranties, Sold “AS IS”

Please note that warranties are not valid on any untested customer returns inventory. All untested customer returns are sold “AS IS”, and the cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed. We ensure transparency in providing the best deals, but it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of your purchase.

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Warehouse Liquidation Near Me: Unleash Savings and Opportunities

At Liquidation Pallets Near Me, we are committed to providing you with unbeatable deals and a seamless shopping experience. Whether you’re a reseller, business owner, or simply looking for affordable options, our platform is your ultimate destination for warehouse liquidation near you.

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11 reviews for ( 15-20 pcs ) CLEARANCE! Pallets – Pcs – Vacuums, Luggage, Fans, Patio – Customer Returns – Hoover, SHOWKOO, Dreo, Keter

  1. Carlos Martins

    The team is helpful and gives great suggestions on how to maximize your sales.

  2. João Silva

    They have by far the best product selection to offer and the best prices in the industry! Recently found them and will be a loyal customer I’m sure for years to come! The 4,5 hour drive is definitely worth it, but if I don’t feel like driving I have the option to get my pallets shipped which is a convenience most suppliers do not offer, Overall, I love this place.

  3. Pedro Santos

    Please think carefully when purchasing this item.

  4. Matheus Pereira

    Buying pallets on https://liquidationpalletsnearme.com/ is great, easy and fun, The pallet information is very helpful and when there are pictures of the pallets themselves, that’s awesome, The purchasing, scheduling and picking up is also very efficient and easy to use, I highly recommend purchasing your liquidated pallets from Liquidation Pallets ! It’s too much fun .

  5. Rafael Souza

    LOVE THIS PLACE!! If your just looking for stuff or your remodeling or want to grab a pallet full of things to resale this is your place, Their inventory changes constantly though so you gotta be quick.

  6. Bruno Barbosa

    great company for you to start your reselling business https://liquidationpalletsnearme.com/ is actually a great thing.

  7. Felipe Ferreira

    Fair price for the pallets, The owners are always pleasant, I recommend Aaron if you are looking to get into reselling.

  8. Lucas Oliveira

    Very honest and will help you become successful.

  9. Gustavo Alves

    Love this place, Can’t beat the prices, Never had any issues with anything I’ve bought there, Great folks there.

  10. Thiago Rodrigues

    I’ve been buying pallets from LP for a few months, there have been ups and downs, but at the of the day, I’m satisfied with what I have received because I was still able to make a profit.

  11. Gabriel Costa

    Easy to handle

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