Pressed Wood Pallet – 48 x 40


With our Amazon pallets, you can maximize your storage space and optimize transportation efficiency. These pallets are designed to stack up to 50 units in just 8 feet, allowing you to make the most of your warehouse or shipping container space. The stackable design ensures easy organization and accessibility, making loading and unloading operations more efficient.


Pressed Wood Pallet – Lightweight and Economical Pallets for Sale.

L x W
FLOOR FORK 5 10 25+
H-1032 Regular Duty 48 x 40″ 6,000 2,000 4-way 39 lbs. $25 $24 $23

Welcome to Liquidation Pallets Near Me, your trusted destination for high-quality pressed wood pallets. Our Pressed Wood Pallet 48 x 40 are designed to meet your shipping and storage needs with their lightweight and economical construction. With their exemption from ISPM 15 export specifications, stackability, nail-free design, and recyclability, our pressed wood pallets provide a convenient and sustainable solution. In this comprehensive product description, we will delve into the dimensions, capacity, recycling features, specifications, and benefits of our pressed wood pallets, highlighting why they are the ideal choice for businesses looking for reliable pallet solutions.

Features and Benefits

1. Lightweight and Economical

Our  Wood Pallets for sale  are constructed using lightweight materials, making them easy to handle and transport. Despite their lightweight nature, they offer impressive strength and durability, allowing them to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, these pallets are cost-effective, providing excellent value for your investment without compromising on quality.

2. ISPM 15 Exempt for Export Shipping

Our pressed wood pallets are exempt from ISPM 15 regulations, making them suitable for hassle-free export shipping. You can confidently ship your goods internationally without the need for additional fumigation or heat treatment requirements. This exemption saves you time, effort, and potential costs associated with compliance, making our pallets a convenient choice for global shipping.

3. Stackability and Space Efficiency

4. Nail-Free Construction

One of the standout features of our pressed wood pallets is their nail-free construction. Unlike traditional pallets, you don’t have to worry about protruding nails that could cause injuries or damage to your products. The absence of nails enhances safety and eliminates the risk of snagging or puncturing, ensuring a smooth and worry-free handling experience.

5. Recyclable

Our pressed wood pallets are environmentally friendly and recyclable. They are manufactured using pre and post-consumer materials, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. When the pallets reach the end of their lifecycle, they can be recycled, further minimizing their impact on the environment.

– Height: 5 inches
– Additional dimensions are available in the instructions provided with the pallets.


The weight capacity of our pressed wood pallets is based on evenly distributed loads. It is important to ensure proper weight distribution to maintain the integrity and safety of the pallets during transportation and storage.


– Recycled Content: Our pressed Pressed Wood Pallet 48 x 40 are made from pre and post-consumer materials, contributing to reduced waste and environmental impact.
– Recyclable: At the end of their lifecycle, our pallets can be recycled, supporting a circular economy and sustainable practices.

Additional Specifications:

– Exempt from IPPC-ISPM-15 export specifications: Our pressed wood pallets meet the necessary requirements for international shipping without the need for additional treatments.
– Pressed Wood: Manufactured from a material that is exempt from fumigation and heat treatment requirements, providing convenience and cost savings.
– Export Stamps: Our pallets do not require export stamps. They are free from any certification marks, simplifying the shipping process and eliminating the need for additional documentation.

Certificate not required: Our pressed wood pallets do not require any specific certification, making them a hassle-free option for your shipping needs.

Tested per ASTM standards: Our pallets undergo rigorous testing according to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards to ensure their quality, durability, and reliability.

Certified sustainable and USDA biobased: Our pressed wood pallets are certified as sustainable and USDA biobased products. This certification validates our commitment to environmentally friendly practices and the use of renewable resources.

Ordering and Pricing

At Liquidation Pallets Near Me, we offer competitive pricing for our pressed wood pallets. To place an order or inquire about pricing and availability, please visit our website at We strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure a smooth and efficient ordering process.


Choose our lightweight and economical pressed wood pallets for a reliable and sustainable solution for your shipping and storage needs. With their exemption from ISPM 15 regulations, stackability, nail-free construction, and recyclability, our pallets offer convenience, efficiency, and compatibility with global supply chains. Experience the benefits of using high-quality pressed wood pallets that prioritize the safety of your products and the sustainability of your operations. Place your order with Liquidation Pallets Near Me today and elevate your shipping and storage capabilities with our well-structured and reliable pressed wood pallets.


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