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Amazon Plastic Pallets for sale are a durable and reliable solution for your logistics and cargo needs. With a 4-way entry design and a maximum load capacity of 2 tonnes, these plastic pallets are suitable for a wide range of applications. They come in a vibrant green colour and are marked as heavy-duty for easy identification. Available for purchase with no minimum order quantity required and free delivery for quantities above 200pc.


Introducing Amazon Plastic Pallets for Sale – The Ultimate Solution for Your Logistics Needs

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable pallet solution for your logistics or cargo needs, look no further than Amazon Used Plastic Pallet for sale. Our plastic pallets are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments, making them the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about our  pallets for sale, including their dimensions, weight capacity, and unique features.

Dimensions of Amazon Plastic Pallets

Our plastic pallets measure 1100 mm in length, 1100 mm in width, and 150 mm in height. These dimensions make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from general cargo to heavy machinery.

Entry Type and Maximum Load Capacity

Our plastic pallets feature a 4-way entry design, which means they can be easily accessed from any direction using a forklift or pallet jack. They also have a maximum load capacity of 2 tonnes, making them ideal for transporting heavy loads.

Suitable for Logistics or Cargo

Our plastic pallets are suitable for a wide range of logistics and cargo applications, including storage, transportation, and distribution. They are designed to withstand harsh environments and are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and bacterial growth.

Colour, Remarks, and Stock Availability

Our plastic pallets come in a vibrant green colour, making them easy to identify and track. They are also marked as heavy-duty, indicating their strength and durability. Our plastic pallets are always in stock and available for purchase, with no minimum order quantity required. We also offer self-collect options for your convenience.

Free Delivery for Quantities Above 200pc

We understand the importance of timely delivery, which is why we offer free delivery for quantities above 200pc. This ensures that your products are delivered on time and in good condition, without incurring additional shipping costs.

In conclusion, Amazon Plastic Pallets for sale are the ultimate solution for your logistics and cargo needs. With their durable and reliable design, they offer a cost-effective way to transport and store your products. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our plastic pallets are the perfect choice for your logistics needs. So why wait? Order your Amazon Plastic Pallets today and experience the benefits for yourself!

13 reviews for USED PLASTIC PALLET – HEAVY DUTY (110CM X 110CM X 15CM)

  1. Julien Lambert

    On my 3rd order from Aaron and the team at Super fast shipping and accurate tracking , which is not the norm in this industry. I’m still waiting for an order from another vendor for 3 weeks already for example. Accurate condition and good prices, fast response to any inquires, and a *huge* assortment of everything! Like

  2. Sophie Rousseau

    Absolutely amazing customer service as well as great selection of products. Aaron was very knowledgeable when It came to any questions I had. Extremely helpful in helping me understanding how to purchase products and what I need to provide to amazon in order to sell them. Very beginner friendly distributor to purchase products from when starting to sell online.

  3. Olivia Martin

    Aaron is really helpful and answers all my questions . His Customer service is immediate and straight to the point. Great supplier. Highly recommend.

  4. Charlotte Leroy

    We have not had any problems since we started working with Their process is pretty simple. Our customer representative Aaron is very fast and involved.

  5. William Chen

    I tracked through my business relations, My second shipment is moving and will so on…! To be honest, I don’t know how manage to do such a good job every single time. Very well done! Specially Aaron Man of Multiple ! His professionalism really gave me pace of mind. Thank you for your tremendous help in our new and upcoming projects. Without your diligence, hard work, late nights, and early mornings we wouldn’t have been able to meet the deadline. Highly appreciate. Excellent work! Off course 5 🌟

  6. Lily Tremblay

    I’ve been very happy and have had a great experience working with Great supplier, excellent prices, products and services, nice website interface. The deals are great; the shipping is very fast and prompt delivery. My sales rep Aaron has done an excellent job keeping me updated on the products and sales

  7. Gabriel Moreau

    Super fast responses, fast shipping, high quality and Aaron is amazing when it comes to finding the best deals… I have ordered multiple times and have never been disappointed …

  8. James Thompson

    Aaron is so easy to work with. liquidation pallets near me has excellent pricing and quick shipping. Plus – you can find anything you might want to sell. I’m looking forward to many years working with them. Thanks!!

  9. Élise Dupont

    my experience with is very good, my sales rep Aaron is very professional, and gives good service.

  10. Ethan Patel

    Great company, great products and a very streamlined service. Aaron is a pleasure to work with.

  11. Camille Martin

    Our initial purchase with was made several weeks ago, and we were pleased with the professional service we received, particularly with regard to the initial 60% of the order. One of the highlights of the experience was our interactions with Aaron, who was amiable and approachable, despite some initial communication challenges that were resolved through mutual efforts. We extend our best wishes for your continued success and encourage you to provide your customers with the same level of professionalism and authenticity in your future dealings.

  12. Emily Wilson

    Great place for great deals. Honest and easy to work with. Thank you Aaron

  13. Pierre Dubois

    Great variety of products, good prices, good communication with Aaron very helpful and detailed on things, five stars for me.

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